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Colour contact lenses for everyday wear. Long lasting with a comfortable fit and available in a wide variety of colours.

New for 2009. We now have a range of FreshLook Colorblends contact lenses available.

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Tutti Colour Contact Lenses

Contact Lens Care

Lens Care

Care is very important for contact lenses. Improper lens care may cause various side effects or eye diseases and shorten the life of the lens. If you follow these directions, you will be able to keep your eyes healthy and use cleaner lenses that will last longer.

It is important that you wash, rinse and dry your hands thoroughly each time you handle your lenses.

Removing Protein
Over time, protein can build up on the lense. This protein makes the vision cloudy, so you should clean it with a protein removal solution. Many General Purpose Solutions, such as ReNu MultiPlus, can be used to clean, sterilize and store contact lenses.

If you wear the contact lenses, the foreign bodies or impurities are accumulated and this may cause discomfort, blurred vision, and further decrease of power.

Thus, you should clean the lenses and the case every day to preserve them. Place the lens in your hand and rub it with the cleaning solution for Bescon Only (HypaOppia, Cliwell, etc.) In the case of R.G.P lenses, clean them with 'Bescon Cleaner' once or twice a week to remove the impurities.

If you forget to sterilize the lens, the accumulation of the secretion or impurities may cause eye diseases resulting from the propagation of the germs or fungi

Therefore, you should sterilize with the indicated solution after cleaning. For sterilization, put the lens with the cleaning solution into the lens case.

At this time, the chemical elements of the cleaning solution will clean, sterilize, enhance the softness, and prevent the agglutination of foreign bodies such as proteins, etc. The cleaning solution should be renewed each time after wearing you contacts. Topping up or reusing the cleaning solution will weaken the sterilization effect.

You should prevent the lens with the cleaning solution from being exposed to air. After cleaning and rinsing the lens, store in a tightly sealed lens case with the cleaning solution or sterile saline solution, separating the right lens from the left lens.

For people who want simple Lens Care, use the cleaning solution for cleansing, rinsing, sterilizing, storing, and removing proteins all at once. These solutions are commonly known as General Purpose Solution. See ReNu MultiPlus for moe details about general purpose solutions.

Saline solution for lenses can be purchased from most chemists. Ensure the saline solution is for colour lenses to avoid bleaching and loss of colour or colour change on the contact lenses. Do not mix the lens with different saline products as the lens may be bleached out by the chemical reaction.

Do not boil the lens to sterilize it. The lens may get damaged.

Wear the contact lenses within four hours after opening the saline solution, otherwise it may cause serious eye diseases due to the growth of germs or bacteria.

Disposal of Contact Lenses
Disposable contact lenses come in many forms, from daily lenses, which are worn once and then disposed, to weekly, fortnightly and monthly disposable contact lenses. Some lenses, such as Rigid Gas Permeable or RGP lenses, can last for years, but are usually replaced yearly or as required by prescription to correct eye sight.

Generally, the softer the lens, the shorter the life span of the lens. As the lens gets older it begins to break down and can cause serious injury to the eye. It is important to follow the manafacturers recommendation for how long to use your contact lens.

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