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Glow - Disco Contact Lenses

Colour contact lenses for everyday wear. Long lasting with a comfortable fit and available in a wide variety of colours.

New for 2009. We now have a range of FreshLook Colorblends contact lenses available.

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Tutti Colour Contact Lenses

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Since the contact lens comes directly in contact with your eye, contact lenses require special attention. It is strongly recommended to consult an eyecare professional to choose the appropriate contact lens for your peculiar physical constitution to keep your eyes and the lens in good condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

What colour contact lenses are available
See our online shopping catalogue for colours and prices or read further about which colours are available in eye contacts lenses. We also have product comparisons for Tutti Contact Lenses and ColourVUE Contact Lenses.

What are Cosmetic or Fashion Contact Lenses
Cosmetic contact lenses may also be reffered to as fashion contact lenses. Cosmetic fashion contacts provide no eyesight correction and as the name suggests, they are used for film, theatre, cosmetic or fashion purposes. Fashion contact lenses may also be labeled "plano" which simply means they are not corrective contact lenses.

Will my eye colour effect the colour of the lens
People with dark eyes often ask if the colour of the lens will be darker than pictured. In short, it does not matter what your eye colour is because cosmetic contact lenses have solid colours not tints (unless they are specified as tinted colour contact lenses). Lenses specific for dark or light eyes will clearly be labeled as suitable for a particular eye colour.

How many lenses come in a box
All ourcoloured lenses (cosmetic lenses and crazy eyes) come in pairs. Each box contains two lenses - one for each eye. Daily and weekly disposable lenses will state how many lenses are in each box.

How to store your contact lenses
For detailed information about storing and maintaining contact lenses, please read our Contact Lens Care page

Caution While Wearing Lenses
1. If you feel discomfort as soon as you wear the lenses, wash the lenses again and make sure the front and back are not turned inside out or no foreign bodies are present. If you put the lens on the wrong side out, your eye can be damaged. Before putting on the lenses, make sure that they are on the right side out.

2. When you wear the lens for the first time, look directly downward, and then blink for the adjustment. If you do so, you can place the lens at the center of your eye. However, if you still feel uncomfortable, you should seek medical advice.

3. Sometimes you may feel uncomfortable or your vision is blocked due to the adhesion of proteins. In this case, you should wash with the cleaning solution for Bescon Only(HypaOppia, Cliwell, etc.) several times to have a clear vision(The foreign body that looks like a thin cloud on the surface of a lens is the protein).

How long do contact lenses last
When properly stored and cleansed, a pair of cosmetic contact lenses can last 3 - 6 months. There are also everyday wear lenses and weekly/fornightly lenses which are mostly available for people who wear lenses to correct vision.

Inserting Contact Lenses
Gently placing contact lens on the eye works best. It does not get pressed, pushed, or shoved on. Keep your eyes wide open. Have the lens completely balanced on the tip of your finger. If the lens gets knocked over, it does not release off your finger.

How do I insert contact lenses: For this example, we will use a right handed person placing a contact lens on their right eye. If you are left handed, use your left hand and your left eye.

Make sure your hands are clean and dry.

All edges of the contact lens must be facing up. Use your left hand to hold your upper lid open. Reach from overhead, gently hold your upper lid and lashes against your brow. This may feel a little awkward, that's ok for now.

Use your right middle finger to gently hold your lower lid out of the way. Move your chin down towards your chest, and continue to look in the mirror. You should now have an upward glance. Notice all the white of the eye that is exposed when this position is held correctly. Gently place the contact lens between the lids and on the eye. The lens can be placed anywhere on the eye at this point. Don't force the lens on. Keep your eyes open and stay relaxed. The lens must clear all your lids and lashes, so when it gets to the eye, it is still properly balanced on your finger.

Once on the eye, gently slide it towards the cornea (over the colored area of your eye) Don't close your eye yet! Your almost there. Slowly take your finger straight back, keeping your eyes open. Gently let go of your lids, look down towards the floor. Slowly close your eyes.

Repeat for the other eye. You can use the same hands here. Everything is the same, except you are working with the other eye.

Removing the Lens
- Wash your hands thoroughly before you remove your lenses
- You should prepare the other hand or handkerchief to hold the removed lens

1. Open your eyes wide looking upward. Place your middle finger on the lower lid and pull down while the second finger pulls down the lens to the white of your eye.

2. Hold this lens with the first and second fingers by folding the lower part of the lens; the lens will easily fall out. After removal, clean and clear immediately to prevent adhesion of the edges of the lens.

Shipping, Handling & Refund Policy
All products are processed upon receiving confirmation of payment, and shipped on the next working day. Products are sent by Australia Post or Courier if required due to handling requirements. Delivery time will vary depending on your location, from approximately 1-5 days for local deliveries, to approximately 1 week for regional deliveries. Once parcels have been dispatched from our store via the preferred delivery method, you will be notified by an update email with tracking number included if applicable. Orders are processed 7 days a week, 365 days a year however products ordered on a weekend or public holiday may be delayed by Australia Post or Courier holidays. Please be advised that there may be a short delay if products aren't currently in stock. Products that are not in stock, will be ordered and sent as soon as possible.

Returns and Refunds
All our products are inspected before shipping. Returns are in accordance with manufacturers warranty, and these warranties will be honored by Coloured Contacts. Returns due to incorrect colour choice or change of mind will not be issued, however if the product is returned to Coloured Contacts in a re-sellable condition, and with all original packaging unopened, an exchange product (for e.g. a different coloured lens) may be given where possible. Any extra postage costs associated with exchanging products once approval to exchange has been given by Coloured Contacts, will be the responsibilty of the customer.

(Please note check your junk mail for confirmation emails) Hotmail,msn,outlook ect may be delivered to your junk mail folder.

We offer three forms of shipping:,

1. Standard Postage
Standard postage via Australia Post. Delivery time varies between 1 to 6 business days depending on your location. All items are shipped from Melbourne, Victoria.

2. Registered Post (Includes Insurance)
Registered Post through Australia Post. All shipments by Registered Post include insurance for your purchase against loss or damage by Australia Post. Orders up to $100.00 in value are covered by Australia Post. Orders over $100 in value will be covered by Coloured Contacts.

3. Express Post
Express post via Australia Post. All items are shipped from Melbourne, with next business day delivery is available to most capital cities in Australia except for some areas of Perth and Darwin. Express Post does not offer any insurance. (See AusPost website for further details).

Do you ship internationally/world-wide
We do not sell or ship products outside of Australia. Visit Color Contact Lenses for international orders shipped outside of Australia.

We Ship to Australia Only
Please note that we ship to Australia only. International orders to be delivered outside of Australia will not be processed (and your credit card will not be processed/billed).

mapBuy Contact Lenses Internationally
Coloured Contacts now offers it's range of contact lenses internationally. To buy or send lenses to countries outside of Australia, visit the new international site at Color Contact Lenses.


What payment methods do you accept
We accept three forms of payment. You can pay by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX), Paypal or fax/mail order. For more information, see our shopping information page.

Paying by Credit Card
We accept credit card payments through VISA, Mastrercard and AMEX only.

Paying by PayPal
We are a verified PayPal business. You are welcome to use PayPal to purchase anything from our online store.

Paying by Fax/Money Order [ Print Order Form ]
People who prefer to do things the good old fashioned way are welcome to print out and send through our fax/mail order form. You can pay pay by credit card, cheque or money order. Mail orders can take up to 5 days to process when paying by cheque. Adobe PDF Reader is required to print the order form.


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