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Colour contact lenses for everyday wear. Long lasting with a comfortable fit and available in a wide variety of colours.

New for 2009. We now have a range of FreshLook Colorblends contact lenses available.

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Tutti Colour Contact Lenses

Brown eyed girl in a blue eyed world

Brown eyed girl in a blue eyed world...

When it comes to genetics, it’s said that certain eye colours are dominant over others. For instance the gene for brown eyes is dominant over the gene for blue or green eyes. So, even if all your grandparents have green or blue eyes, and only one of your parents (that one freak of nature) has brown eyes, it still means there’s only a one in four chance of you ending up with the blue/green eyes. Yep, that was me... and I never truly forgave my brown eyed mother for depriving me of the sure thing I had with a genetic pool of greens and blues which should’ve rightfully been mine.

So, stuck with brown eyes... yes, stuck I say. Eyes reflecting a pool of muck, yes – brown – the colour of mud, dirt, clay, polluted rivers...And no matter how many songs are written about beautiful brown eyed girls, at the end of the day, brown is brown. Mix all the paints on your pallet, and what do you get? You guessed it - brown. That colour you got when you mixed all your play-dohs, and got told off for = BROWN.

Why is it that all of us brownies long for a different eye colour? Is it that much of a big deal? was for me!! I wouldn’t think that a green eyed beauty would long for beastly brown eyes. I could be wrong, but whatever anyone’s preference is, I discovered a way to satisfy this kind of eye colour curiosity....

My claim to my rightful genetic path, green eyes! You can dominate all you like brown-eyed gene, I can now overpower your stronghold on my eyes’ ability to glisten and sparkle!

Coloured contact lenses have been around for a while – years – but I never thought they could change brown to just about any colour you like!

How do you choose an eye colour? I mean, if you had a choice? Where would you start? Well I know for myself, I wanted to experience green eyes – I was convinced that my brown eyes were the result of doomed genetic probability – so off I went...

OK, first shot – Green... But which green do you choose?

Green, dark green, light green, jade green, green/blue, green/yellow? Two tone? Three tone? Confused tone?... I mean, confused? I had no idea where to start, so I picked the colour that I thought would look the most natural, not too “out there”.

Hey presto! Gleaming Green! I could’ve fooled my own DNA with that eye colour. Honestly, amazing result, considering I had a muck palette to start with..... Loved them! But now that I knew about these babies, why stop there? Moving right along...

Blue – I can’t believe how many different shades of blue contact lenses there are! Blue, aqua, turquoise, sapphire, grey/blue, blue/yellow and the list goes on...! So, my nagging curiosity and apparent (you think??) dissatisfaction with my end of the gene pool, led me to try Aqua blue contacts – hmm, wait, focus...focus... these babies suctioned onto my eyeballs, and shazaam!...Hello blue sky on a spring morning! Totally changed the look of my eyes, I couldn’t believe it. I was excited, but I have to be honest, I never thought I would wear lenses that would totally change the brown... Granted, in bright light I could detect a little brown just around my pupil, but these lenses kind of blended slowly into a darker colour around the pupil anyway, and anyway, in normal light – BLUE all the way baby!

If coloured contacts can totally change the look of my brown eyes, imagine how effective they would be for those with light eyes. There are so many gorgeous colours you can choose from to totally change, or enhance your existing eye colour.

Obviously not all coloured contact lenses will suit every eye, or everyone’s eye colour, and what you see in a picture may not be the exact colour on your eye when wearing them, but realistically, they come pretty close.

Some of the lenses that work really well with my brown eyes are:

3 tone Beauty Green
HJ Beauty Green
HJ Beauty Aqua Blue
ColourVUE 3 tones Blue
3 tone Beauty Gray
ColourVUE Fusion Gray/Violet

Now that I’m able to break up the brown a bit, and know that I can experience an almost limitless number of different colours, I have come to appreciate my brown eyes a little more... Brown could be good, I mean, it’s the colour of so many wonderful things – majestic oaks, hazelnuts, CHOCOLATE! So those light-eyed beauties with the curiosity to try a darker eye colour, there is a range of hazels, honeys and chocolates in the range I have seen online as well.

My advice, you never know until you try – if you’re dissatisfied with your end of the genetic eye colour pool, and you’ve thought about it, or you’re curious, give it a shot. The quality of some of these coloured contact lenses is amazing. Give them a go!



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